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University Centre Shrewsbury, based in Shrewsbury town centre is a distinctive institution, focused on high-quality teaching and research, fostering entrepreneurship, contributing to the community and, ultimately, making a global impact.

With an impressive heritage combined with outstanding modern facilities, Shrewsbury provides the ideal setting to study undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as offering unique opportunities for research and Continuing Professional Development.

The University of Chester and Shropshire Council have established University Centre Shrewsbury to increase Higher Education prospects and offer a personalised and engaging student experience.

The courses and wider opportunities on offer at University Centre Shrewsbury are designed to support students to excel in their chosen field; being extremely employable, highly innovative, enterprising, and benefitting from practice-based experience, alongside academic rigour as part of every course.

Alongside this focus, the curriculum, research and partnerships aim to have as much of a positive impact as possible locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, helping Shropshire to become a focus for research across a range of economic, environmental and other challenges facing society in the 21st century.

A growing choice of undergraduate and postgraduate courses is being developed, with courses available spanning the following curriculum areas:

  • medicine and health
  • sustainable business and community development
  • design, heritage and the built environment
  • culture, creativity and place
  • environmental science and technology

University Centre Shrewsbury’s first students embarked on postgraduate courses in autumn 2014 and undergraduate students were welcomed to the institution from autumn 2015.

The Vision is:

  • for students to benefit from a well-rounded experience, which gives them academic and practical employment skills to help them to succeed in their chosen path.
  • for lecturers to dedicate a substantial amount of time to students, challenging them to give the best of themselves in their studies and supporting them to reach their full potential.
  • to offer a supportive and inclusive environment.
  • to explore innovative research to make an impact in our society.
  • for students and staff to excel in their work, with the University of Chester and its strong learning tradition, established over 175 years, behind the institution.
  • to value and develop the expertise of staff continually.
  • for students to be able to work with other students from all areas of the University Centre, to put their learning into practice and make a difference.
  • to give students opportunities to learn from industry professionals, in addition to fellow students and academic staff, to help to equip them for the workplace.
  • to be at the heart of the community and enrich the social, economic and cultural life of Shropshire and beyond wherever possible.
  • to explore non-traditional academic structures, with research, teaching and learning aligned to local, regional and national social, environmental and economic needs.
  • to put the expertise and skills developed at the University Centre to the best use possible by engaging in great challenges facing humankind in the 21st century.
  • to grow as an enterprising institution that values, encourages and supports the transfer of knowledge and technology into solutions that improve the quality of life and promote the development of further knowledge.

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