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Shropshire lifestyle

A great place to live

How can ambitious businesses attract and retain top talent in a market where skills will always be at a premium?

One key factor will always be the quality of life they can offer their workforce, current and future – and Shropshire has this in abundance.

Part of the West Midlands, it is set on the border with Wales, bounded by Cheshire to the North and Herefordshire to the South: an area rich in natural beauty, studded with bustling, attractive market towns and picturesque villages.

Make your home here…

House prices are below the national average while local schools outperform the UK average – with some State schools achieving superb results. There’s also a host of excellent colleges for young people to choose from.

Enjoy a range of pursuits and interests…

Steeped in history and geologically unique, Shropshire provides a range of pursuits and interests for all ages. With its fresh country air and stunning scenery the great outdoors in Shropshire offers up extensive walking, running, cycling and horse-riding routes but also extreme sports like hand-gliding and flying.

For those seeking more leisurely pursuits, there are historic canals, beautiful gardens, medieval castles, quaint hamlets, distinctive shops, fine restaurants and great country pubs to discover.

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Outstanding beauty but also the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution…

A quarter of Shropshire’s area has been designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty, yet this is also the County that kick-started the industrial revolution.

Ironbridge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Shropshire is home to the world’s first skyscraper. Ditherington Flax Mill, the world’s first multi-storey iron-framed building – and therefore the forerunner of every skyscraper and tower block in the world.

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What local business figures say about living and working in Shropshire…

“Being an industry requiring specialist skills from our workforce, we are able to attract the right type of personnel who are willing to relocate to Shropshire from all over Great Britain as it is such a wonderful county in which to live and work.”
Tony Bywater, Managing Director, Salop Leisure Ltd

“I love the pace, beauty and characteristics of the county; it provides a thriving and supportive business community. Based in Shrewsbury, I am in the perfect location. I can centre my business in this beautiful county but be in over ten UK cities and three airports in around one and a half hours.”
Ann Johnson, MD of Wave-length

“It is my privilege to live and work in Shropshire. It’s a well-connected business location, providing the perfect work-life balance and, for the past 147 years, five generations of our family have invested in the county and welcomed the wealth of opportunities which it offers.”
Robin Morris, Managing Director, Morris Property

“E4 environment started its business in Shrewsbury in 1999. It was the perfect place to be, surrounded by a ready-made skills pool, and in an area that provided the lifestyle and rural idyll that must be the envy of anyone. Today we’re still drawing on those benefits and finding that with the relevant courses provided by the local Universities, more and more young people are wanting to work here and not disappear to the cities – which is good for growth and for the future of environmental consultancy.”
Mandy Stoker, Director, E4environment