Houses for sale on street with road and cars on side


Quality housing at affordable prices

For businesses looking to relocate key personnel or attract skilled people, Shropshire’s plentiful housing options will tick all the right boxes.

From trendy town centre apartments to spacious country manor houses, and from characterful village cottages to detached town houses, there’s a wide range of different housing types and sizes across the County to suit all needs and budgets.

Row of town houses with sold sign outside

Average house prices in Shropshire are 9% lower than the national average at 207,034 (September 2017). So compared to other highly desirable places to live, especially in the South East where the comparable average is £267,235, housing in Shropshire is remarkably affordable.

To keep pace with anticipated population growth, Shropshire has ambitious plans to deliver a supply of new housing: in Shrewsbury alone, around 6,500 new homes will be built through Shrewsbury Growth Point by 2026.