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Superfast Broadband: a £35 million investment across Shropshire

Fast, reliable broadband connectivity is pivotal to every modern business.

To date, Shropshire Council and its partners have invested over £35m in rolling out superfast broadband through its “Connecting Shropshire” broadband programme – and more investment is planned. Providing access to superfast broadband to all businesses in the area is a key strategic priority for the Council – particularly in realising economic benefits for the county.

The programme is fully supported by key strategic partners and has already provided thousands of businesses, and a high proportion of the County’s residents, with access to superfast broadband. The programme is funded to continue until 2020.

In addition, Shropshire Council is working closely with the major Mobile Network Operators to ensure that they deliver on their commitments to roll out access to 4G coverage across Shropshire.

Read here about how the new technology has transformed the working practices of South Shropshire construction and facilities management company, GPC74.

“Today’s businesses are primarily concerned with communication and data, and being able to move that data around freely is a huge bonus. We believe having superfast broadband has the potential to open new doors and markets for us. We are delighted that businesses are no longer forced to remain in towns or cities in order to access ultrafast broadband – with this being available in rural locations like ours, the world really is online.”
Robin Guest, GPC74, near Cleobury Mortimer

Broadband grants available to eligible businesses

The Marches and Gloucestershire Business Broadband Grant Scheme provides local eligible businesses up to £25,000 to fund the installation of superfast broadband connections. The funding is designed to support qualifying businesses that cannot access superfast broadband at the moment and are not within any clearly defined roll out plans to receive superfast broadband.
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