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Major employers in Shropshire

Who’s already here?

By moving to Shropshire, you will find yourselves in some very good company. As well as having a number of well established sectors, you will find that Shropshire is home to a number of major companies who have made the County their home and benefitted from our ‘can do’ business attitude.

But don’t just take our word for it… find out more by reading our company profiles or case studies to find out more about your potential neighbours.

Company profiles

Agilent Technologies

Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd


Culina Group

Doncasters Group



Hawk Group


Müller Yogurt & Desserts

Tudor Griffiths Group

“We operate a world-class company which it totally committed to Shropshire. Our base in Ludlow in a key centre for our global group. We design, manufacture, sell and supply our products to the whole of the UK and export to over 20 countries from here. We count on a workforce who are bright, dedicated and fiercely loyal. And all of us enjoy the benefits of the uniquely high quality of life that only Shropshire can offer.”
Dr Geoffrey Davies OBE, CEO & Managing Director, Alamo Group Europe Limited