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Professional & business services

Key Shropshire Sector: Professional & business services

Professional and Business Services within the UK is forecast to grow strongly. In Shropshire, it is a vibrant sector predicted to grow by 28% over the next two decades – with many of those involved having previously worked in London with big-city firms. Now, in the interests of work-life balance, they have moved back or to Shropshire where house prices are lower and the quality of life – along with the air – is discernibly better.

A wide range of professional services go to make up the sector In Shropshire… from lawyers and accountants through to marketing, advertising and IT, as well as a wide range of consultants – including management, planning and environmental. Together, they make this one of the largest sectors in the County. In response to this, an independent network of professional and business services has been established, dedicated to knowledge sharing, best practice, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) with great opportunities for networking and meeting fellow business professionals.

The quality of personnel, the availability of skills and low commercial rates – along with a plentiful supply of modern new build premises – makes Shropshire the ideal location for businesses in the sector looking to relocate.

The quality of staff we can attract means we are able to offer a comprehensive, quality service and in Shrewsbury, being part of the Mid-Wales corridor, we have access to a wide client base. That, alongside the low overheads and the quality of life in Shropshire, made the County an ideal base for our businesses.”
Ann Fisher, Hatchers Solicitors LLP