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Environmental science & technologies

Key Shropshire Sector: Environmental science & technologies

The low carbon and environmental goods and services (LCEGS) sector represents one of the UK’s strongest growth industries, and Shropshire is establishing itself as one of the nation’s most innovative players.

LCEGS in Shropshire has a market value of nearly £508m, employing nearly 4,000 people, and is forecast to grow by a further £220m per annum by 2020. Major companies like Tudor Griffiths, Jacobs Consultancy, ESI, SLR Consulting and SpeedCast Group are among the many large companies that have chosen to base themselves in the County.

The depth and diversity of environmental businesses in Shropshire presents a large pool of skills for new companies to draw upon, while companies basing themselves here also have access to a strong academic and educational base – the chance to exploit, test and develop exciting new approaches to environmental challenges and sustainable energy harnessing.

Amongst the sub-sectors expected to achieve the fastest growth are renewable energy technologies and alternative fuels. Shropshire also has particular strengths in environmental consultancy, notably in Shrewsbury where over 21% of the environmental companies are consultancy based.

There are significant strengths too in waste management, energy management and alternative fuel vehicles, while the County offers considerable business opportunities for enterprises focused on biomass, geothermal and solar deployment, water supply and wastewater treatment.

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Into the future…

Tapping into a talent pool for the future presents no problems: The University Centre Shrewsbury is an exciting partnership between Shropshire Council and the University of Chester. Collaborating closely with local businesses, the Council and the University are establishing a curriculum that will provide graduates with the skills and expertise to service this burgeoning and fast moving sector.

Launch of CREST (Centre for Research in Environmental Sciences & Technology)

A new centre has been launched recently, in partnership with the University Centre Reaseheath and funded via the European Regional Development Fund, to develop and increase the productivity of environmental science and technology businesses in the area.

CREST will bring together a range of experts to help businesses grow and succeed. They will work primarily with small to medium sized enterprises in the county (SMEs) to develop innovative ideas and products before bringing them to market. This will include workshops to learn about new technologies and opportunities and researcher placements.

Further information is available from the Business Development Managers at the Centre: Simon Burgess 07816 306697 or Vicki Ayton at on 07880 784733

College courses

Walford and North Shropshire College, Ludlow College and Shrewsbury College of Technology offer courses on environmental sciences and complementary subjects including construction, engineering, forestry and wildlife management and motor vehicle engineering – providing a ready supply of students looking to make their careers within the sector.

“Shropshire continues to provide a base for world renowned experts in waste management, air pollution, contaminated land, sustainability and technology. Since the 70s we have seen the industry mature and blossom as companies begin to understand and embrace sustainability, making it part of their everyday operations. By using what we already have in the County as a platform, Shropshire can certainly make a significant contribution to growing the environmental sector over the coming years.”
Mandy Stoker, Director, E4environment