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Advanced manufacturing

Key Shropshire Sector: Advanced Manufacturing

Being integrated into the Midlands puts Shropshire in the heartland of the UK’s world class automotive sector, which boasts the highest concentration of Tier 1 suppliers in the UK and 19% of the UK’s skilled Advanced Manufacturing workforce. Shropshire itself is host to a number of major automotive component manufacturers, machinery and equipment manufacturing and metal fabricators – including Bridgnorth Aluminium, Caterpillar, Doncasters Group Ltd, Grainger and Worrall and Stadco.

Manufacturing accounts for 10.3% of all employment in Shropshire and 11,800 people are employed in a wide range of sub-sets of manufacturing – including low carbon and renewables, fabricated metal productions, rubber, polymers and machinery/ equipment manufacturing.

Consequently there is a rich talent pool of experienced, skilled and motivated labour with highly transferable engineering skills. Shropshire is also part of the West Midlands, which has 11 universities in its region, and where a high proportion of students are studying engineering and technology courses.

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Smithers Rapra, based in Shrewsbury, is recognised as a world leader in rubber, plastics and composites expertise, delivering trusted solutions by integrating science, technology and business solutions.

The County is also building an enviable profile in Low Carbon and Renewables and is at the forefront of innovation and the application of innovative agricultural technologies – helping to change the way we grow food right around the world.

A well as having a skilled talent pool and diverse manufacturing base, Shropshire can also readily attract skilled workers with its affordable housing, excellent education system and superb quality of life.

“UK-based companies are prominent in a wide range of areas, including design engineering, advanced materials and manufacturing and are renowned for their innovation and commitment to research and development.”
Department of International Trade (D.I.T.)