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Economic Growth Strategy

Economic Growth Strategy for Shropshire for 2017 to 2021

The Shropshire Economic Growth Strategy 2017- 2021 sets out Shropshire Council’s commitment and ambition to grow the local economy of the County.

Our economic growth vision for Shropshire is for the county to be the best place to do business and invest, renowned for its pool of local talent and expertise. We will strive to maximise our economic potential and increase productivity by fully utilising the benefits of our special environment and high quality assets.

The Strategy’s six priority actions are:

  • Target actions and resources where there are economic opportunities
  • Enable businesses to start, grow and succeed
  • Deliver infrastructure to support growth
  • Meet skills needs of businesses and people’s aspirations for work
  • Promote Shropshire to investors
  • Build our reputation as a Council that is ‘good to do business with’

The Strategy links into and informs the Marches LEP Strategic Economic Plan and  Marches ESIF Strategy. The objectives of the strategy also link to the West Midlands Combined Authority Strategic Economic Plan and the national economic picture, in particular the modern Industrial Strategy for the UK.

We recognise that Shropshire Council does not have control over all actions and activities that will generate economic growth. Therefore our vision will only be achieved by working collaboratively across the public and private sectors and with our communities. We will commit to working with our strategic partners for the benefit of Shropshire’s economy, businesses and residents.

In developing this Strategy we undertook a consultation process to capture a wide range of feedback. The results of this feedback can be found within the consultation report, summary and ‘You Said, We Have, We Will’ report.

Below is the IPPR North Economic Analysis Report which informed the strategy:

SUMMARY Building an Economic Vision for Shropshire IPPR Nor

IPPR North Report Economic Analysis November 2016

VISION – AMBITION – GROWTH:  read about the official launch of the Economic Growth Strategy for Shropshire here