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Land & premises

How we can help

Here in Shropshire, we proactively set the right conditions for investment and growth, and we have invested heavily in putting in place the infrastructure for success.

The result for every company looking to do business is a highly attractive commercial environment, with a diverse local economy supported by land and premises, distributed throughout the county.

Critically we offer:

  • Land and premise availability
  • Efficiency in decision-making
  • A delivery focused approach
  • Highly competitive prices for office space

“When I set up Startfish in 2001, I chose office premises on the outskirts of Wolverhampton… after six years I took the decision to move the business to… Shrewsbury and we’ve never looked back. There were substantial savings on the cost of renting comparable office space…“
Alison Wright, Managing Director, Starfish Advertising and Marketing Ltd

A flexible range and choice of sites in the right locations

Shropshire is one of few local authorities in the UK with a fully up to date and adopted Local Plan, which provides greater certainty on the provision of sites. This makes it straightforward for any potential inward investor or local company seeking to expand to find the right location for them. In total, Shropshire has:

  • 167 hectares of newly allocated employment land
  • An on-going commitment to develop a further 119 hectares of existing allocations
  • An additional 66 hectares to be developed flexibly as windfall development

An up-to-date supply of available sites

Despite only recently adopting our Local Plan, Shropshire has already commenced work on the Local Plan Review for the period to 2036 – our commitment to ensuring a plentiful supply of development sites for years to come.

Full considered pre-planning advice

We recognise the importance of providing an efficient route through the planning system to make it simple and easy for you to relocate or expand here. Our pre-planning advice service, specifically tailored to your proposal, will save you time and money by:

  • Identifying how national and local policies and guidance will be applied to your development
  • Reducing the time your professional advisors spend in working up your proposals
  • Comprehensively identifying the information you will need for your proposal to be considered
  • Providing greater certainty early on in the planning process through written confirmation of the advice provided to you.

Lean and efficient decisions

Our validation requirements ensure the service is as lean and efficient as possible, while our comprehensive approach to pre-planning advice accelerates the planning process and means that all information requirements are known right from the outset.

Supportive and engaged local communities

We are committed to an annual conversation with our local communities and key stakeholders through our ‘Place Plan’ approach. This eases the path for future developments, establishing strong local relationships to shape and secure growth.

Co-ordinated investment plans to deliver the right infrastructure

Our “Place Plans” enable us to collaboratively identify and prioritise the investment and infrastructure priorities needed to support new development. It also helps us to prepare clear and transparent delivery plans for how and when these will be addressed. The Plans are the platform for our work with partners, coordinating resources to deliver the right infrastructure at the right time.

Financial benefits

We do not place our Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on business premises. Instead we work with you to reach agreement on the infrastructure requirements necessary for your development and operate a clear, transparent and viable system of planning obligations. We provide a template S106 agreement to you to maximise efficiency and enable you to commence your development as soon as possible.

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Business in Britain

If you are an overseas company considering international expansion, direct foreign investment or starting a business in the UK, we’d be delighted to tell you more about the support Shropshire can offer anyone interested in UK investment. Contact +44 (0)1743 257777 or email for more details.