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Shropshire - Live, work and invest.

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Make your business home in Shropshire – right at the heart of the UK

Ten reasons why you should invest in Shropshire

  1. Shropshire is strategically located an hour from the markets of the West Midlands, the North and Wales and onto the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.
  2. The County already enjoys a prosperous, diverse and high skill economy. Further investment from a range of sources is building on that success.
  3. We are already home to a range of big name, multi-national businesses like Müller, Fullwood and Caterpillar.
  4. Shropshire is investing heavily in infrastructure projects – development sites, housing and high speed broadband – to ensure growth is sustainable.
  5. We have our sights set firmly on the future with business and education working hand-in-hand to stay ahead of the technology curve: through major investments in apprenticeship programmes and specialist training, and businesses, training providers and schools working together to provide the workforce of the future.
  6. Its attractive location acts as a magnet for talented people.
  7. We are a County that welcomes sustainable growth – of people and jobs – and we have the land allocated and infrastructure in place to make that happen.
  8. The County is driven by a highly pro-business Council and supported by a high-powered LEP.
  9. An established Business Board ensuring business views feed into decision-making across the County.
  10. Our fast efficient planning service ensures ideas can be turned into action rapidly and profitably.

For anyone looking to start a business in the UK, Shropshire has it all: a skilled and talented workforce to harness; ready access to the West Midlands; access to airports and ports; sensible business costs; a fantastic quality of life that will appeal to your senior personnel and a host of business sites ready to move into.

On top of that, our highly pro-business local government is on hand to make your welcome a warm one, with assistance, guidance and support every step of the way.

And did we tell you that Shropshire is one of the UK’s most beautiful counties? Investment here has never looked so attractive!

All this and a lifestyle like no other.  Shropshire is a County where business thrives and investments prosper – make it your first choice location.

Whether you are looking to relocate your business, move and expand your business within Shropshire or are looking for investment opportunities, please explore our website – and our beautiful, vibrant County –  to find out more!


Our economic growth vision for Shropshire is for the county to be the best place to do business and invest, renowned for its pool of local talent and expertise. We will strive to maximise our economic potential and increase productivity by fully utilising the benefits of our special environment and high quality assets.

Below see our Economic Growth Strategy and the Economic Analysis Report which informed the strategy.

Economic Growth Strategy for Shropshire 2017-2021

SUMMARY : Building an Economic Vision for Shropshire IPPR North

IPPR North Report Economic Analysis November 2016

Following our latest Business Leaders’ Breakfast : Shropshire – Exploring a county of opportunity on 14th November 2018 please click here for the slides which detail the progress made to date to realise Shropshire’s economic ambitions.